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An observer trying to understand people’s tale of woe…

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  1. Nanditha Raman berkata:

    Dear Mr Hussiani,

    You are invited to participate in a research study. The Institute of Policy Studies is conducting a baseline analysis of Malay blogosphere.

    The survey will seek your input on: (i) your blogging practices, e.g. frequency of blogging, how long you have been blogging for, and the topics you blog on, (ii) your motivations for blogging, the language(s) that you blog in and your interaction with other bloggers, and (iii) your demographic information. (Please note that your responses for the questions will only be used to depict the overall demographic profile of the blogosphere.)

    Further information on this study can be found on the Participant Information Sheet which will be accessible to you when you click on this link: https://esurvey.nus.edu.sg/efm/se.ashx?s=1CC7023E30CB99D7

    Should you decide to take part in the survey after reading the information, you can click on “Yes” (at the end of the Participant Information Sheet) to indicate your agreement. Upon clicking “Yes”, you will be directed to the online questionnaire.

    The survey will last 15-20 minutes. Your participation will be an invaluable contribution to the first study on the Malay blogosphere.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

    Nanditha Das
    Research Associate
    Institute of Policy Studies
    National University of Singapore

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