par for the course

You make a mockery of my prophet
You make nude carricatures of the man Muslims are proud of
– a man who is a source of compassion and mercy to the world
You make fun of a person we revered.
You think it is your right to do so.
Freedom of speech! You said.
Freedom of expression! You defended.
And they kill you, for they think it is right to do so.
For you kill Islam by your drawings
and make our prophet a laughing stock.
You’re a terrorist no doubt.
I am not sorry of your death.
I am sorry this happened.
It shouldn’t.

Never be.

Alang Budiman
8th January 2015
Thursday, 16:53hrs
17 Rabiulawal 1436H




KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the attack on Charlie Hebdo offices in France today is likely due to the satire magazine provocation against Islam . The former prime minister said, Charlie Hebdo do not respect Islam and often derided Muslims by drawing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. “Why do they need to ridicule the Prophet Muhammad when they know it hurt the hearts of Muslims . We respect their religion and they must respect our religion,” he said . – Bernama .

The gunmen who attacked the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, leaving 12 dead, on Wednesday, have been identified. Police are hunting three French nationals, including two brothers from the Paris region. They are brothers Said and Cherif Kaouchi, aged 32 and 34, and Hamyd Mourad, 18. A raid by France’s elite anti-terrorist unit was under way in the north-eastern city of Reims as part of the hunt.

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