Of Palestine, Israel and humanity

Hell of permissions from the Israel.

Israel gave conditions of what we can send and not send, no cardio medicine, no building materials. There are other six points other Rafah and they control Rafah as well.

They have cameras all over. All Gaza Strip every single inch is under the control of Israel.

Israel knew of the tunnels. Israel play an important role, they want the land. They want to feed the people. If they want to attack them, they attack.

If they want to kill, they kill. 1,249 tunnels. They know it. U can find tunnels in the houses in Rafah. They know it.

Mubarak kept a blind eye, close both eyes for Palestinians to survive. Situation is very hard after 2008-2009 attack. They knew it.

Yesterday when we were there, PM Haniyeh was having a meeting between Hamas and Fatah, at his home.

Its not about money but about losing souls, the soldiers and the people. I hope they come back together as one people.

But i do not think the problem will be solved but not in a hundred years as far as Israel and us is concern.

As for Muslims it will not happen. Its a pity. Israel doesnt want to live in peace. They build new buildings in Jerusalem despite protests from all over the world.

Its America and the West and the weakness of the Arab countries after that. China is a good example of stronger economy that can challenge the military and the huge population.

But its not China alone, its us, the middle people who give aid and that’s it. If Israel wants peace we accept. It will be no problem after that but they dun want that. So Israel can now use the logo on their official letters.

America gave IFRC their yearly donation for four years until (they) said they want to put a crystal, representing Israel in IFRC logo.

Initially they want a star of david logo but protested by 189 member countries. So the crystal represents Iranian, China and Israel.

– Anonymous



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