wishing Singapore a happy 49th birthday!

Singapore is 49 years old today. A nation I am proud to call ‘My Home’ and forever will be.

I am grateful that this little island, despite not having natural resources, has made it through despite all odds. Everybody plays a part. No one person is bigger than the other. Each of us contribute to the success of this nation.

Socially, Singaporeans are very much close knitted today. Majority of us, the Malays, Indians, Others and Chinese, have distinguished ourselves as Singaporeans. We are united and living in harmony. We give support, encourage and help each other when in need and as one uphold traditional cultures and values, and reject lifestyle which disrupt and endanger it.

Politically, Singaporeans today are maturing. We understand what its means to be Singaporean and our rights as an individual and as a community within the context of the Constitution. We have grown as responsible men and women, speaking up for others and for ourselves.

Economically, Singapore today is at a crossroad. While many Singaporeans appreciate a Swiss-standard of living, many others are seeking a slower pace of life. Family they say, comes first not the GDP.

Today at 5pm, Singaporeans will honour the nation – the National Day Parade. Men, women, the young and old, will celebrate and congratulate this little country of ours – Happy Birthday!

My wish, may Singapore prosper. May Singaporeans be healthy, continue to love and be loved.

Majulah Singapura!


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