they’ve implemented hudud
they’ve championed the rule of God
and so, they should be the first
to be arrested and tried
for crimes of their own
for their forked tongues
for their treasures of wealth
for their hypocrisy in abundance
for their denials aplenty
in providing enough bread
so men will not remain hungry
women will not lead life in misery
the kids will not starve and let die
the old and the needy be sapped of hunger

“O ye Governors you have sat on the springs of wealth. Nothing stands in your way in amassing wealth. You people are playing with fire.”

“I cannot approve that the Muslims should sit low while you should sit above them. Do away with the pulpit.”

Umar Al-Khattab the Caliph said so.
May peace be upon him.
I am reminding you
Never mind if you’re a Sultan
and I am not.

Alang Budiman
1 May 2014M
1Rejab 1435H
Thursday, 21:42:43


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