The ‘Kongsi’ spirit

“A win for Kit Siang will be victory for racism and rule by the elite as is found in a nearby country. It will spell the end of good relations in Johor between the races.”

…Under Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia promoted a sharing of power and wealth between the three major races through a coalition, the Alliance.

The Alliance won 51 out of 52 of the 98 Federal Legislative Council seats contested in 1955.

The Tunku, as chief minister, agreed with Tan Cheng Lock’s request and gave citizenship to one million unqualified Chinese and Indians, diluting the Malay majority from 80 per cent to 60 per cent.

In 1963, Singapore joined the new state of Malaysia.

The People’s Action Party (PAP) did not believe in sharing power. It promoted meritocracy and rule by the elite by suggesting that Malaysia was not ruled by the cleverest and the most qualified but by Malays.

This was intended to stop Chinese support for MCA and antagonise them against Malays and Umno.

In the 1964 election, PAP contested with the Malaysian Malaysia slogan to reflect its meritocratic creed. It won only one seat.

The Chinese in the peninsula, under MCA, rejected PAP.The people of the peninsula, in rejecting PAP, demonstrated their belief in the concept of kongsi, or sharing, espoused by the Alliance.

Singapore and its chauvinistic meritocrats had to leave Malaysia.But a Trojan horse was left behind in the form of a political party named DAP.

The similarity of name is not accidental for DAP was to continue the fight for a meritocratic Malaysian Malaysia.

The fight against kongsi between the races was to continue.Despite a claim that DAP is multiracial, its leadership and the overwhelming majority of its members belied the claim to this day.

The strategy was to antagonise the Chinese against Malays by suggesting that the Chinese were second-class citizens.

This campaign was quite subdued when the BN government won strong support from people of all races in Malaysia…

– Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Read more: An end to ‘kongsi’ if Kit Siang wins – Columnist – New Straits Times


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