It’s just an exercise…

Every one…

Let us talk
Let each and every voices
be heard
Let every man speak
Let every feedback come
Let every suggestion count

Open every channel
let us communicate
let us spend the time
discussing and negotiating
exchanging ideas
and seeking inputs
commend policies that work
highlighting those that dont
criticizing those flawed
improvizing those that may (if any)
proposing one that shall
allow us to grow
without inching the very cost
without pushing us to the wall
of living

Every one…
let every session be attended
by many
let it be conducted
regularly… as often too

Let us be open
let the effort be seen
as transparent as it can be
for all to see
for us to agree

that its every bit
an exercise
in conversation…

Alang Budiman
Saturday, 21:35hrs
13 April 2013


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