Remembering u

Hey Mita!

It was supposed to be a celebration
between you and me
on 28th February
this year, yesterday

Happy birthday my dear…

a lunch somewhere
it’s a promise I gave
not too long ago
the tab on me I said
you nod and said ‘o.k’
a smile accompany
my heart melt once more…

The day arrived
but it never materialise
you left me a note

oh the words…
indeed i am overwhelmed
by the words you left behind
and grief
of hearing your pain

Love God in thought,
word and action

Give hope to others:
invest in lives

Live with energy,
enthusiasm, empathy

Every child matters:
educate for life

Be one person to

Learn contentment

Lead by example

Grow leaders

Inject fun in the

Love people & use things;
not use people & love things

your wisdom I shall hold
but dear, you left
without me saying goodbye

A litte note I shall offer
a reply to my dearie

Hey! The sparrows are here Mita,
they are chirping
singing I think
a lullaby maybe

Catch up with you soon!


Alang Budiman
1hb Mac 2013, Jumaat
18 Rabiulakhir 1434H
20:05:22 malam


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