An evening in Senayan

berkat budi baik seorang teman, yang sudi menterjemah hasil karya saya,
“Sepetang di Senayan” yang pernah saya muatkan di blog ini di seketika dahulu. 

Pada teman seorang ini, terima kasih atas usahamu…
akan ku kenang sampai mati,
akan ku ingati hingga roh melepasi jasad ini.

Alang Budiman
13 Mei 2008
7 Jamadilawal 1429H
12:52:10 tengah hari


An evening in Senayan 
(post 9 August 1998 ) 

from a distance, the children
of this tired city
make their way home
after a long day
energy, mind and say
a country 
made brittle by the drop 
of currency and blood

this stadium still stands
most upright
no more turning 
left nor right 
no longer burdened with knowledge
of mankind
without caring
the molestation, the seizure, 
what more the prostitution

this land is unable 
to speak 
though long independent 
yet able to witness 
demonstrations and pickets 
by the sons of this earth.

between us and your good self
the sole difference 
is the rupiah and dollar 
not status nor reputation

come, Sir! 
we relax 
as we enjoy 
bakmi soto 
and teh botol
a momentary respite
of the problems in our minds 
so our hair is untangled 
and frowns removed

drink Sir! 
while they last

we Sir 
are children of loss

Rabu, 13 Februari 2008
5 Safar 1429H
11:55 pagi


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