Melayu bikin malu

29 08 2014

Melayu kita bikin malu
tidak lagi sembahyang
lima kali sehari, tetapi solat tiap waktu

Melayu kita bikin malu
tidak lagi mahu wirid dan doa
tetapi bermunajat hingga berembes airmata

Melayu kita bikin malu
mereka tolak Syurga dan Neraka
tetapi memilih Jahannam atau Jannah

Melayu kita bikin malu
sibuk dengan tarbiyah
kerana pendidikan itu soal dunia

Melayu kita bikin malu
tidak lagi mau hadiri ceramah
tapi berlumba ikuti tazkirah

Melayu kita bikin malu
sibuk suruh anak-anak ikuti iqra’
tetapi mereka sendiri malas membaca…

Melayu kita bikin malu
mereka tidak lagi sederhana
mereka lebih senang berwassatiyyah

Melayu kita bikin malu
saat Ramadan tiba mereka tidak puasa
mahunya Shaum sampai enggan berbuka
lebih mahunya iftar sama-sama

Melayu kita bikin malu
masa Syawal tiba
tidak mahu saling mohon maaf zahir batin
seliuh lidah sebutnya “minal aidil wal faizin”
dalam seribu, berapa kerat saja yang tahu…

Melayu kita bikin malu
masa Lebaran, depan juadah
kita tidak lagi dijemput jamu selera
sampai ternganga-nganga
bila si tuan rumah riuh mengajak
“fadhl, fadhl, fadhl…”

Melayu kita bikin malu
mereka mendugul-dugulkan bahasa sendiri…
…hingga warisan poyang dicampak dibuang tepi
sudah itu, mereka bilang Melayu tidak punya
visi dan inisiatif sendiri

mereka bilang Melayu mesti
positif merealisasi dan jangan diskriminasi

mereka desak Melayu harus maju
menyatukan idea, berdiskusi, inovasi mesti logikal
menggagahi realiti, dan jangan sekali memanipulasi
jangan punya diskrepensi
jangan sampai Melayu jadi liabiliti

atau Melayu mati!

Melayu kita bikin malu
beria-ria mahu yang baru
hingga serak melaung reformasi!
saat tidak menjadi, serunya transformasi!
konon tidak mahu sesiapa memonopoli

Melayu kita bikin malu…
sampai tidak tahu beza
antara sampan dan kolek
antara tumpi dan rempeyek
antara itik dan bebek

…yang dia tahu, pecah kongsi sesama Melayu

Melayu kita bikin malu
tidak lagi bijak basa-basi
tidak tahu apa itu sindir, apa itu perli

Melayu kita bikin malu
sibuk berpolitik sini sana
tapi saat semeja kelat akal
tidak tahu diplomasi apalagi santun siasah

Melayu kita bikin malu
berperi-peri perjuang hak
diberi hak, dijual, dicagar melulu

Melayu kita bikin malu
dari kecil hingga dewasa
tak tahu bahasa

…dah jadi pemimpin tak reti bahasa

Melayu kita bikin malu
konon anggun berkebaya
tapi bogel-bogel jalan tanpa
seri kerongsang kerawangnya

Melayu kita bikin malu
lebih senang sembrono
tanpa segan tanpa silu

hari ini aku seperti Sukarno
“benar-benar rasa dikentuti…”

…bila Melayu diibarat tahi gigi

Alang Budiman
24 Ogos 2014
29 Syawal 1435H
23:37:41 malam

* disampaikan pada malam perasmian Pertemuan Penyair Nusantara ke-7, Taman Warisan Melayu pada 29 Ogos 2014, 3 Zulkaedah 1435H, Jumaat, 8.55 malam.

Of Palestine, Israel and humanity

14 08 2014

Hell of permissions from the Israel.

Israel gave conditions of what we can send and not send, no cardio medicine, no building materials. There are other six points other Rafah and they control Rafah as well.

They have cameras all over. All Gaza Strip every single inch is under the control of Israel.

Israel knew of the tunnels. Israel play an important role, they want the land. They want to feed the people. If they want to attack them, they attack.

If they want to kill, they kill. 1,249 tunnels. They know it. U can find tunnels in the houses in Rafah. They know it.

Mubarak kept a blind eye, close both eyes for Palestinians to survive. Situation is very hard after 2008-2009 attack. They knew it.

Yesterday when we were there, PM Haniyeh was having a meeting between Hamas and Fatah, at his home.

Its not about money but about losing souls, the soldiers and the people. I hope they come back together as one people.

But i do not think the problem will be solved but not in a hundred years as far as Israel and us is concern.

As for Muslims it will not happen. Its a pity. Israel doesnt want to live in peace. They build new buildings in Jerusalem despite protests from all over the world.

Its America and the West and the weakness of the Arab countries after that. China is a good example of stronger economy that can challenge the military and the huge population.

But its not China alone, its us, the middle people who give aid and that’s it. If Israel wants peace we accept. It will be no problem after that but they dun want that. So Israel can now use the logo on their official letters.

America gave IFRC their yearly donation for four years until (they) said they want to put a crystal, representing Israel in IFRC logo.

Initially they want a star of david logo but protested by 189 member countries. So the crystal represents Iranian, China and Israel.

- Anonymous


berlegar soalan

10 08 2014

soalan (s): dia jemput kau?
jawapan (j): tak…
s: kau jemput dia?
j: jemput… tapi dia tak mau datang
s: kenapa dia jemput aku dia tak jemput engkau?
j: kerana engkau bukan aku…
s: kenapa engkau jemput dia tak datang?
j: tanyalah dia…
s: kenapa aku yang dijemput dan bukan orang lain?
j: pasal dia berkenan dengan engkau…
s: kenapa sebelum ni dia tak pernah jemput aku?
j: pasal sebelum ni engkau siapa…
s: jadi dia jemput bukan kerana aku, aku?
j: dia jemput kau pun bukan kerana dia, dia…

Alang Budiman
14 Syawal 1435H
10 Ogos 2014
11:19:13 pagi

wishing Singapore a happy 49th birthday!

9 08 2014

Singapore is 49 years old today. A nation I am proud to call ‘My Home’ and forever will be.

I am grateful that this little island, despite not having natural resources, has made it through despite all odds. Everybody plays a part. No one person is bigger than the other. Each of us contribute to the success of this nation.

Socially, Singaporeans are very much close knitted today. Majority of us, the Malays, Indians, Others and Chinese, have distinguished ourselves as Singaporeans. We are united and living in harmony. We give support, encourage and help each other when in need and as one uphold traditional cultures and values, and reject lifestyle which disrupt and endanger it.

Politically, Singaporeans today are maturing. We understand what its means to be Singaporean and our rights as an individual and as a community within the context of the Constitution. We have grown as responsible men and women, speaking up for others and for ourselves.

Economically, Singapore today is at a crossroad. While many Singaporeans appreciate a Swiss-standard of living, many others are seeking a slower pace of life. Family they say, comes first not the GDP.

Today at 5pm, Singaporeans will honour the nation – the National Day Parade. Men, women, the young and old, will celebrate and congratulate this little country of ours – Happy Birthday!

My wish, may Singapore prosper. May Singaporeans be healthy, continue to love and be loved.

Majulah Singapura!

cebis masa

9 08 2014

ramai berhimpun
sekelian bertemu
sekhalayak bertamu
alangkah bertuah
menjamu dan dijamu
antara yang hadir
antara yang tidak
si pekak dan si bisu
dan lagu bergemalai
saat waktu melaju

Alang Budiman
9 Ogos 2014
01:29 dinihari
13 Syawal 1435H


2 08 2014

6 Syawal
perjalanan suatu hari raya
mengorak suatu pertemuan
dalam sebak dan sendu
menyusuri waktu

pada raut ketulusan
pada tutur bicara
mencantas keterlanjuran

minal aidil wal faizin
mohon maaf zahir batin

Alang Budiman
19:16:20 malam
2 Ogos 2014, Sabtu
6 Syawal 1435H

My short note, reflections, hope and a little prayer

28 07 2014

2014 turns out to be THE year where Singaporean Malays and Muslims creates history in this tiny city-state they called Home. The community has created what I called as ‘The Malay/Muslim Spring’!

The community not only embrace democracy but celebrate them too. Three obvious examples; the Wear Hijab campaign, the Wear White campaign, the protest at Hong Lim Park against Israel’s killing of Palestinians.

In short, the Malays and Muslims in this island are no longer a silent bunch! They aren’t just complaining, whining or sighing in facing the many hurdles and challenges one after another. The Malays and Muslims in Singapore are not mere keyboard warriors. They took actions and in doing so, let off the spark with much steam, drama and colour!

In all these efforts, their voices are not only getting louder but in unison too. They wish to be heard and their very presence in both form and substance, be respected.

What makes it sweeter, in all these efforts, the Malays and the Muslims are not alone or be made distinct. Many Singaporeans of other races joined them in affirmation of unity, harmonious relations and more importantly, the understanding that each community have their code, regulations and practices to abide without jeopardizing the social fabric of the nation.

It is indeed heartening to see the strong support given by the other races and the non-Muslims, from coffeeshop assistants to taxi drivers to friendly aunties to professionals alike. I am indeed grateful to have them in our midst. May their encouragements drive the Malays and Muslims to be successful in achieving their dreams and aspirations.

I am seeing the community a-changing. They are more intelligent and wise, confident, strategic and creative in their approaches, better coordinated, getting sharper yet nuanced in putting across their views.

Ramadan will leave us. Tomorrow we celebrate Syawal.

In this very turbulent and uncertain period of our lives, I pray for Allah’s mercy for us all for He is the Most Merciful. I pray for Allah’s forgiveness for mankind, for He is Oft-Forgiving. I pray for Allah’s protection for He is the Protector. I pray for Allah’s security for He is the Al-Mu’min, the Granter of Security. I pray for Allah’s kindness in providing us sustenance for He is the Creator and Sustainer.

Before I end, I would like to seek forgiveness from each and everyone of you, my friends, colleagues and acquaintances, ex-schoolmates, brothers and sisters, for my misdeeds and mistakes and transgressions and my actions/inactions or words I have uttered which may cause you hurt, difficulties or inconveniences.

May our friendship lasts.

Lastly, I wish everyone, good health, prosperity and we all live in peace and harmony.

Minal Aidil Wal Faizin Wal Makbulin.
Taqaballahu minna waminkum

Ahad, 27 Julai 2014
30 Ramadan 1435H
15:49 petang


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